About Us

Desirée Matthews- lead facilitator


Desirée is an actor, filmmaker & teaching artist living in New York, New York.  Her short film  The Great Unknown , which she wrote, executive produced, and acted in alongside her mentor Olympia Dukakis, had its world premiere at the Academy Award qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles.  The film draws upon the myth of Inanna as inspiration for an intergenerational narrative celebrating sisterhood, the feminine divine and untold stories.  Desirée also shares the myth through her work with high school girls at EFLI engaging the next generation of empowered women in goddess culture.  “Inanna is rooted firmly in her humanity, as well as her divinity, offering us a portal for profound self- exploration.  Through the embodiment of Inanna and her sister-self we grant ourselves permission to claim and celebrate all parts of self– without apology or justification.  This permission leads us to investigate that which often resides in the dark, the silence, the questions, the surrender…the divine within each of us.  It is my great honor to carry on the legacy of this transformational work and bear witness to the brave, bold and inspiring circles of women.”

Elizabeth Morton- lead facilitator

Elizabeth Morton 5

Elizabeth is an actor, writer, and interfaith minister. She has performed on regional & NYC stages, as well as for film & television. Her current writing project is an historic miniseries script about Frances Perkins. As an interfaith minister, Elizabeth has officiated 40+ weddings and has also created rituals honoring various life transitions.

“The workshop continues to provide me with an opportunity to witness the wildness, grace, power, and profound individuality within each participant and within myself.” 

Danusia Trevino- assistant facilitator

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Danusia is an actress, writer, and a storyteller based in New York City.  A Moth Grand Slam winner, she toured with The Moth Maine stage and has been a regular at Cornelia Street Cafe’s, Liar’s Show.  Danusia recently performed with the Wooster Group and she is also working on a new solo show.  “In our modern times there is so little ritual left that to be able to embody this ancient myth makes me feel connected not just with the women at each particular workshop but with all women throughout the ages. “

LeeAnne Hutchison- assistant facilitatorLeeAnne Hutchison

LeeAnne Hutchison is an actress, wife, daughter, sister, friend, coach and teacher. She recently turned 50. Her life-changing relationship with the Inanna myth and Inanna Workshop co-foundress Olympia Dukakis began in 2009, when she participated in one of the workshops co-led by Olympia. Since that time, the Inanna story offered in the context of this Workshop has opened up profound avenues of insight, healing, growth and sisterhood for her. She feels fully embraced by this myth and deeply inspired by the groups of women who gather together to discover their own personal relationship to it. She is a woman who has grown into greater wholeness and best of all FREEDOM of Self because of this work.