“The workshop was much gentler and more profound than I expected.”

– Jen Sims

“The introduction and exploration of the Inanna Myth changed my life.  It gave me communities of women who were passionately interested in the pursuit of wholeness and self-knowledge.  I’m so pleased to see that Desirée and Elizabeth have picked up the torch.  Blaze on!”

-Leslie Ayvazian

“The Inanna Workshops have changed the way I experience myself and my life. I have more of myself to be alive with, greater access to all of me. It takes dedicated, compassionate, strong, and playful women to guide others through their own Inanna experience, women like Desirée and Liz. They can handle it!! My gratitude, love and respect for them is wide as the sea…”

-LeeAnne Hutchison

“Life- changing.”

-Ellen O’Neill

“These two women have continued the great work of the three of might.  They lovingly, clearly and safely guide you to greater self-revelation, personal insight and work that informs your life for richer experiences. Lastly, there are important bonds formed within the group that guide your head and heart along the way.”

-Marilyn Lucchi

“The Inanna Workshop is a completely immersive, transformative, emotional journey that ultimately can lead to higher self-awareness, powerful inner strength, an unburdening of the heart and a lightness of one’s being. It’s time shared in a safe environment, with unbelievably beautiful women who see you, all of you, as you deserve to be seen and reflect who you truly are back to you, giving you a keener, more lovable approach to yourself. Olympia, Leslie, Joan and now, thankfully Desirée and Liz who are continuing this experience, have gifts that they are willing to share with women. Accept them. You will grow in ways you never imagined. ”

-Anthoula Katsimatides

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